Monday, January 25, 2016

CS-II Johnson Window Film

CS-II provides not only protection for the body paintwork or the interior, but also for you window. UV rays will not only damages the leather, it will also heat up the insides of your car. Solar Film will not only prevent those, but it also helps to protects against shattering.

CS-II Johnson Window Film is not only high in both UV rejection and IR, it also helps to transfer less heat and is signal friendly.

General benefits of Solar Film
- Protects up to 95% of IR(Heat)
- Blocks 99.6% of UV Ray
- Cuts glare
- Reduces electricity consumption from air conditioning
- Protects against interior fading and skin cancer
- Increases privacy and enhances aesthetics
- Protects against shatter glass
- Requires no maintenance
- Help to resists scratches

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