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Closure During Chinese New Year

Dear Valued Customer:

In celebration with the Chinese New Year, our company will be closed from 31st January 2014 to 3rd February 2014.  Our normal company’s activities will resume on 4th February 2014.

We will open half day on 30thJanuary 2014 for CAR WASH SERVICE ONLY from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 6463 1311.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and we wish you all a Prosperous and Joyous Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Best Wishes,

Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd

Management & CS-II Operation Team

Saturday, January 4, 2014


From ceramic paint protection to protective films for your car, unique (since 1995) pte. Ltd., the founding company behind cs-ii paint protection has your detailing needs covered

For the ultimate solution for vehicle detailing, look no further than Unique (Since 1995) Pte. Ltd., the founding company behind the now-established US-based brand CS-II Paint Protection. From a small company that started with only three employees and S$4,500 in capital, the company has grown to become a multinational entity with branches in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Further, a new enterprise was also created in California, USA in 2010 to manufacture and distribute CS-II paint protection products across the world, including places such as Thailand, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. So what’s the secret to their success? “Nothing but pure hard work,” Mr. Chang How, director of the company replies. “Cutting corners and giving slipshod results may be good for fire sales and making short-term profits, but we’re in this for the long run, so we cannot and will not ever resort to such tactics.” Indeed, a conscientious work attitude and ethic, as well as a conservative outlook wary of financial storms has allowed Unique (Since 1995) Pte. Ltd. to survive multiple economic recessions, flip-flopping COE levels and a cutthroat industry to emerge a leading name. This month, our Car Haven traces the history and development of this remarkable company,

Choose from the many degrees of nano-tech enabled paint protection treatments available at Unique (Since 1995) Pte. Ltd. These paint protection treatments all come with a top-quality blend of ingredients to ensure that harmful colour-peeling UV rays are rejected, and that acidic rainwater is cleared away as quickly and effectively as possible. In fact, the company is so confident of their work that all of these treatments also come with their own warranties! Besides these treatments, Unique (Since 1995) Pte. Ltd. also provides extensive dent removal services, interior cleaning work and entire paint protection films to give your precious car an invisible layer of defence against the weather and elements.

  • 10% reduction in scratches on paint
  • Nanotechnology-enabled
  • 85% (est.) Uv-ray cut
  • 65º water beading ability
  • 1.5 year warranty

  • 15% scratch reduction on paint
  • Nanotechnology-enabled
  • 85% (est.) Uv-ray cut
  • 78º water beading ability
  • 3 year warranty

  • 25% scratch reduction on paint
  • Nanotechnology-enabled
  • 89% (est.) UV-ray cut
  • 92º water beading ability
  • 3 year warranty

  • 30% scratch reduction on paint
  • Nanotechnology-enabled
  • 93% (est.) Uv-ray cut
  • 112º water beading ability
  • 3 year warranty

  • State-of-the-art resin & polymer-based leather restoration products Removes stains, damage from wear & tear, dye transfers, etc.

  • Thermoplastic urethane 6mm clear film applied to the leading painted surfaces
  • Protect the paint from stone chips & nicks, scratches, bug splatter, road debris, minor abrasions
  • Superior clarity, high longevity and easy to install/remove without any damage to existing paint

With their wide range of products and services, Unique (Since 1995) Pte. Ltd. currently presents itself as a market leader in both the local and international car detailing industry.

But don’t just take their word for it - they have ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications for quality control, and numerous other accolades from Government boards and media awards that truly set them apart from the rest.

So the next time you need your car detailed -why not bring it to Unique?

It’ll definitely be a one-of-a-kind experience!

Unique (Since 1995) - Paint protection at its best

Unique (Since 1995), with its unique CS-II paint protection formula, provides the utmost care and protection for your vehicle's paintwork.
The importance of paint protection when buying a new car is always overlooked. Paint protection is great at keeping a car cleaner for a longer period of time and also helps by protecting the surface from contamination such as tree sap, bird droppings, tar and other environmental impacts that are damaging to the paintwork. Furthermore, the naturally damp and high humidity environment in Singapore is not an ideal environment for any car paintwork.

CS-II paint protection
CS-II paint protection is a unique and innovative ceramic-like polymer coating that utilises advanced nano particles to provide maximum enhancement and protection of automotive finishes.
Besides paint protection, CS-II offers a wide range of car care products
With the use of CS-II paint protection, the paint on the vehicle will remain permanently insulated against any chemical attack from environmental pollutants such as sulphuric acid/nitric acids, animals and vegetable deposits (bird droppings, insect fluids, tree sap and road grime).

CS-II paint protection provides a unique and innovative solution to preserve the cleanliness of the vehicle's exterior. This unique coating features advanced ceramic-like polymer technology that enhances the overall experience by increasing the visual appeal and cleanliness of the car.

CS-II Titanium Coating
The CS-II Titanium Coating is the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces.

When applied, CS-II Titanium turns into a thin protective layer which is superior in adhesive strength with 9H (pencil hardness). With a high resistance to abrasion, it will not deteriorate with age and this protects against further corrosion.

The CS-II Titanium Coating may come in a small package but it has big effects on paintwork
The extremely long-lasting crystal coat acts as protective armour against acid rain, bird droppings, tar and harmful UV rays and maintains the lustre and colour of the paint on the car.

More impressively, the adhesive strength of the protective coating will minimise the appearance of light scratches and uphold the quality of the colour of the car, thus protecting and giving the paintwork a longer life cycle.

Another key benefit of CS-II Titanium is that it offers a deep rich gloss and finish that maximises the rate of reflected light, enhancing new car shine. Ultimately, this makes future washing of your vehicle faster and easier!

Unique (Since 1995) - who are they and why choose them?
Incorporated in 1995, Unique (Since 1995) now boasts numerous branches in Singapore and a newly opened enterprise in the U.S.A. The company started when Chang How, an offshore technician, and two of his friends started Delco Auto Grooming Centre in a rented car lot at a petrol kiosk. Unfortunately, the partnership did not sustain and dissolved within the year.

Chang How remained in the automotive industry and continued the business. He renamed the company to Unique Car Beauty Shop and moved operations to a small workshop the size of one parking space.

Two years later, Unique had three workers and struggled with the business, despite offering numerous services that included interior steam cleaning, disinfecting car upholstery, polishing and engine bay cleaning. 
As of March 2013, Unique (Since 1995) has shifted to a larger facility to cater better to customers' needs

Leather restoration was added to the range of services offered in the year 2000 and in the same year, Sherine Chan joined the company. In 2004, the company underwent a significant transformation and Chang How upgraded from the single parking space to a full workshop. The company's name was also changed to Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd.

Unique (since 1995) aims to deliver quality services before and after sales. Starting with just three men, it has expanded and operated from more branches in Singapore with 30 employees and more than 80,000 track records - and is still growing. 

In 2011, Unique (Since 1995) opened its first international branch in the sunny state of California, U.S.A. Venturing into overseas markets allows the company to further extend its products and services to affluent individuals there.

With expansion in California, Unique (Since 1995) started another subsidiary - CS-II International Inc to manufacture and distribute the products worldwide. More notably, it also has outlets in other regional countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, U.A.E, New Zealand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Qatar, with more coming along the way.

As tough as it may be, Unique (Since 1995) has also been accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001.2004 certification. This further ensures that its products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

What other products and services does Unique (Since 1995) provide?
Besides Titanium coating, one notable service that Unique (since 1995) provides is the CS-II Ceramic Coating, a permanent coating which only requires a single, thin coat but provides long-term shine and protection. By inter-locking part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your paintwork, the result is a coating that will not be washed off like a wax.

CS-II Ceramic Coating greatly reduces the penetration of heat, helping to protect the finish of the vehicle. Once treated with CS-II Ceramic Coating, the vehicle will repel water and contaminants like a lotus leaf and will maintain a clear, reflective, showroom-like shine. 
Customers can bask in comfort in the cosy lounge while waiting for their cars

CS-II Ceramic Coating cannot be removed by water, alkaline, other detergents or by pressure washers. The coating can also be applied to other chrome components. One application can last up to three years.

Other products and services that Unique (Since 1995) provide are glass coating, interior repair, paintless dent repair, paint protection and solar film installation as well as a wide range of car care products.

Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd is located at 53 Ubi Ave 1, #01-40, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934.

Enquiry hotline: +65 6463 1311
Booking hotline: +65 6844 2235 

Alternatively, you can email them at or visit to

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