Saturday, May 17, 2014

How These Products Actually Work?

The treatments with the CS-II-USA’s Nanotechnology starts to work in a way that involves a smart technique of self-assembling the nano-particles, this is done so that they can have that is substrate and can be docked within those pores of the substrate base. When everything is completed and the process of the self assembly is done then the base substrates start having a protective nano-scopic mesh with them that is protective. It has something similar to a shark. The new structures are so tiny that they are between (5nm-25nm) and they are provided by the dirt repellent that is easy to clean plus hydrophobic and they are also provided by the Bionic water. This is also noticed in both the reptiles and the world of plants.

The CS-II-USA chemists can produce the products that actually help to provide the function that is hydrophilic.

In order to fully appreciate the actual size that comes with the nano-particles they are around 50,000 and 100,000 smaller than what would be in a single piece of hair that is humans. The products that we make not only have a surface that is hydrophobic but the surface area is also large.  It also depends on the substrate that is used with the Nanotechnology treatment being at least 5ml of the Nanotechnology product will be treated at least between 10-11 square feet and that equals to 1 meter square.