Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our CS-II Team


Recently, we gathered all our employees together to take a staff photo. Therefore, we are proud to present a picture of our entire CS-II team!

Monday, September 14, 2009

SCDF HQ RoadShow - 10th Sep '09

Unique CS-II was honored to be invited to the SCDF roadshow held at the Singapore Civil Defence Force HQ on 10th September. The show was exclusively for members of the force only. The show was only for 3 hours but it was successful for Unique as we gained a number of customers in that short amount of time. We will try to participate in more of these type of roadshows in the future.

Monday, September 7, 2009

NEW CS-II Maintenance Package

Starting today (7 September 2009), we will be offering our special maintenance package at a promotion period as the economy has been bad recently and we are offering our maintenance at an affordable rate.

We have received useful feedback from customers and would like to introduce the two types of Maintenance. Please also note that the maintenance is optional.

Here are some information about the two new types of maintenance :


(1) Basic Maintenance
which includes :
-Exterior Wash
-Door Edges Cleaning
-Interior Vacuum
-Tire Dressing
-Rim Cleaning
-Glass Cleaning
-Stage II Layer Reapplication

at the promtion cost of :

-Saloon/Small SUV - $40 (Usual Price -$50)
-SUV/MPV/Large MPV - $60 (Usual Price -$70)

(2) Comprehensive Maintenance
which includes :
-Exterior Wash
-Door Edges Cleaning
-Interior Vacuum
-Tire Dressing
-Glass Cleaning
-Removal of scratches, stubborn stains and watermarks (up to 90% removed)
-Stage I Layer Reapplication
-Stage II Layer Reapplication

at the prmotion cost of :
-Small - $80 (Usual Price -$112)
-Medium - $90 (Usual Price -$130)
-Large - $100 (Usual Price -$150)
-SUV - $110 (Usual Price -$165)
-MPV - $120 (Usual Price -$180)
-Large MPV - $130 (Usual Price -$200)

Please note that these are the latest promotional prices and are subject to change.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the CS-II Basic and Comprehensive Maintenance Package?
A: The key difference between both packages is the amount of preparation work done on the surface of the car and the layers applied. The Comprehensive package further entails the removal of scratches, stubborn stains and scratch marks accumulated on the surface of the vehicle before applying a layer of sealant to bond with the pores of the paintwork (Stage 1). This is then completed with a ‘hard shell protective skin’ layer (Stage 2) to create a high lustre finish.

Q: Is the $50 maintenance still available?
A: No. It has been replaced by the Basic Maintenance Package which comprises of similar steps and processes compared to the old maintenance package.

Q: Which package should I choose if I want to do Maintenance?
A: This is best advised by our on-site technicians and advisors who would do an assessment on the condition of your vehicle to make the appropriate recommendation. As a rule of thumb, you would likely need a Comprehensive Maintenance Package if you did not have the time to give your car a wipe from time to time, and especially if you work or reside near an industrial area, resulting in a rough surface with stubborn stains from tree sap or animal discharge.

Q: My car is new (less than 1-1.5 years) and I have done the CS-II Application before, would the Basic Maintenance Package suffice?
A: It is better for our on-site technicians for advisors to make the recommendation. However, if you had given your car a wipe from time to time and removed stains within 24 hours, a Basic Maintenance package alone may suffice.

Q: I noticed that the Comprehensive Maintenance Package indicates a promotional price, how long does it last for?
A: It is for a period of not more than 6 months subject to changes at the discretion of CS-II. At CS-II, we are sensitive to market conditions and understand that valued customers like yourself need a balance between financial prudence and keeping your good car looking at its best. Therefore, we are absorbing part of the costs and offering these promotional prices for a limited period. Customers may use this period to experience for themselves the difference the new Comprehensive Maintenance Package brings about.

Q: If I go for the Basic Maintenance and/or Comprehensive Maintenance Package regularly, do i still need to maintain the car myself?
A: The application of CS-II and its subsequent maintenance will help to keep your car looking good longer in weather conditions like Singapore. It is still highly advisable for you to use clean water to give your car a wipe from time to time. More importantly, tree sap and animal discharge stains should be removed as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the integrity of the application would not be affected beyond the sacrificial layer.

For any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at 64631311 or visit our centre at Blk 3016 #01-09 Ubi Road 1 Singapore 408707.