Friday, May 15, 2009

We are looking for international distributor.

Unique (Since 1995) Pte Ltd, having established its strong presence and support from customers in Singapore through our core product CSII – PPS (Paint Protection System), is now one of the leaders in the paint preservation industry in Singapore.

CSII – PPS is Singapore-branded even though the product is manufactured in USA. Having ascertained the reliability and popularity of our CSII – PPS through our 50,000 sales records, we are now seeking overseas exclusive distributors for our CSII – PPS. We are confident that this wonderful product will meet with favourable response from the consumers in other countries as well. Please do contact Mr Chang How @ +65 96820001 for a detailed discussion on the advantages and procedures of becoming our exclusive overseas distributor. How does CS-II PTFE Paint Sealants work?
CS-II PTFE Paint Sealant PPS (Paint Protection System) is a multi-step application that produces 5,000 crystalline resin particles over one square inch which locks into the paint surface of a vehicle and seals it. When the car paint coating is done, no waxing would be required for 24 months, neither would it be affected by external causes such as acid rain. Best results however are achieved by following up with the CS-II silicon-free car wash solution, which removes foreign particles effectively while maintaining the shine created by the paint sealant. Think of it as a permanent raincoat for your beloved ride!
The environment is chockfull with chemicals that are detrimental to paintwork. Sealing the holes in the paint using our car paint sealant protects the paintwork and even makes it stronger giving some degree of protection against stone chips and minor scratches. The tough car paint coating also blocks harmful UV radiation which may bleach the color of your car.
The advantage?
- Protects your vehicle’s paint finish and simultaneously adds a brilliant shine which is guaranteed to last for 24 months. Maintenance is low and fuss-free- All you’d require are sponge and water!
- Unlike waxing which only gives a temporary shine and protection, CS-II PPS seals in the brilliance of the paint color, protecting it from the harmful sun rays and other elements.
- This car paint sealant has the added advantage of removing oxidation in your vehicle’s paint, restoring your vehicle to better state.

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