Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HYDROPHOBICITY of our product:

The hydrophobic effect is when water or dirt touches the paint surface it gets repelled along with dirt. If you was to look under normal paint that has not been treated, then you would see it is not completely smooth. This allows dirt to form on the paint easier. The CS-II glass coating allows dirt and water to simply wash off and provides a clean surface. This will keep your paint cleaner longer.

Water can’t settle onto the surface keeping your car clean longer. The coating is long lasting and UV stable. The glass coating can’t be removed by normal washing of your car. It is made to last a long time on the surface of your paint. CS-II guarantees your paint will have a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface for years to come.

With most other sealants or nano- coatings, dried water spots penetrate the coat, then it’s very hard to wipe them off. With our coating it will not bond to the surfaces and you will easily be able to remove the water spots.

The CS-II glass coating can be applied to any surface. Whether is be glass, wheels, plastics, leather and even rubber surfaces.

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Unknown said...

In addition, hydrophobic effect takes an advantage to those local car paint it resisting water and dust as well as the hard dusty and muddy atoms.